searching for unhidden treasure


Paper & Treasure is about unearthing the treasure on the paper of our bibles, and allowing it to enrich our lives.

A search within the Word of God is a search for treasures unhidden. If only we knew! We search for earthly treasures yet there are unrestrained and wild treasures within the written Word of God. They lay beneath the surface, waiting to be found. I call them unhidden, because although we may not see the treasures at first glimpse - can you really call them concealed if you know they're there, and you're guided to x-marks-the-spot by the Person who placed them there? The Spirit of God is willing and waiting to take you to the riches reserved for you in His Book. 


You can call me Niks. I’ve been a youth pastor for almost a decade, as well as a speaker, lover of writing, surfer, wife of a LEGEND, and mama of ALL THE GIRLS! (3, to be precise.)  

I live in Byron Bay on the far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. I've been teaching and preaching on the Word of God since I was 19 years old. I am insanely passionate about young people seeking, comprehending, experiencing and falling deeply in love with: the Word of God. 


He has clothed His heart in words and breathed His Spirit into them in order that upon wrapping our heart and understanding around them, they would landscape our lives into something beautiful! 

I would love for you to consider this website a resource for young people and a digging tool to unearth biblical perspectives on life and love. Have a dig around the website. Feel free to contact me anytime with inquires or responses (see contact section). 

Happy treasure hunting,



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